Our Vision

Our vision is that all dually-involved youth can thrive in the areas of wellness, education, and transition to adulthood.

Our aim is to create an aligned and data-driven system that is inclusive of families and caregivers, committed to equity, and responsive to youths’ individualized needs.


As a coalition, we:

  • Commit to better outcomes for youth
    Participants in our initiative are committed and held accountable to shared goals that result in better outcomes for youth

  • Honor and uplift the support structures in youths’ lives
    We want to actively engage and involve the supports youth have in their lives such as family members, caregivers, mentors, and other role models in systems processes and practices.

  • Embrace a spirit of learning and understanding
    Participants in our initiative wish to learn about each other’s systems to create a foundation of understanding, learning, and trust-building required for systems change

  • Aim to share responsibility and align resources
    Participants in our initiative seek mutual understanding, align resources, and share responsibility for managing cases, ensuring appropriate placements, and protecting youths’ physical and emotional wellbeing.


Our Scope


The initiative focuses on “dually-involved” youth—those who are concurrently involved in the child protective and juvenile justice systems. HCYC has initially prioritized dual status youth who are under temporary or permanent managing conservatorship in the Department of Family Protective Services and both pre- and post-adjudicated youth, with diversionary and/or probationary involvement within Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

Focus areas for the work include, data sharing and integration, coordinated case management, policy, equity,  education, mental health, placement, and family inclusion,. The initiative is partnering with Georgetown’s Center for Juvenile Justice Reform to adapt the Crossover Youth Practice Model in the context of Harris County. As the initiative progresses, this list of focus areas will grow and/or evolve.